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Lemon-Land Mod 1.4.7


Lemon-Land Crafting
Lemon-Land Mod 1.4.7
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Lemon-Land Mod 1.4.7

Lemon-Land Mod 1.4.7

Lemon-Land modification adds to the Minecraft game version 1.4.7 whole lemon country in which the player can find the lemon trees and lemon ore. On lemon trees, as expected, grow big and yellow lemons. When the fruits ripen, they fall to the ground, where the player can pick them and eat. Eaten lemon can recover as much as two points of hunger.

Other than wood in the game appears and citric ore from which players can create unique armor, powerful weapons and effective tools. Also, players have the opportunity to create a lemon of a metal shield and arrows. Archery arrows lemon, opponents will not only get damaged but also slow, writhing trapped them citric acid.

How to install:

Install Modloader.
Files from a Lemon Land Mod folder move in minecraft.jar.
Files from a Lemon Land Items folder move in minecraft.jar/items.

Download Lemon-Land Mod 1.4.7 [82,5 Kb]