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How to make a skin in Minecraft:

Minecraft Skin Maker
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Minecraft Skin Maker

Minecraft Skin Maker

Tired of to wear Minecraft in the exact same clothes, and I want to edit the appearance of the hero? Then you will approach Minecraft Skin Maker, you can draw the character’s appearance, save the result to your computer and then upload what you have created in your Minecraft game account.

Minecraft Skin Maker is good because it does not require any registration, it is immediately ready for operation. It has a ready set of objects any clothes – you can simply select and combine them in different ways. For each item, you can pick your color. This creator allows you to draw skins and pixel by pixel, if you have artistic talent. That is, it is not just for beginners, but also for professionals.

How to create:

The control is performed using the mouse.