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ModLoader All versions

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What is Modloader
Modloader [All versions] allow you to upload Minecraft mods to folder of mods, and ensures compatibility of those mods that used to overwrite the same files. Developers of mods use Modloader for a quick and easy to create your own development. Despite the popularity and development of Minecraft Forge, many people continue to use Modloader. And this despite the fact that the Forge has many useful features and contains Forge Modloader, which, in turn, completely replaces Modloader and 99.9% compatible with all mods written for him.
ModLoader [All versions]
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ModLoader [All versions]

ModLoader [All versions]

Modloader for Minecraft – a popular modification for the game, which is necessary for full operability huge number of mods. Modloader is needed in order to mods, you are putting on your Minecraft client launched and works.

How to install:

Download the archive.
Open by the archiver bin/minecraft.jar.
Move the files from the archive with the mod to game archive.
Remove from minecraft.jar archive META-INF folder.

- Download ModLoader [All versions] [2.11 Mb]