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MusicCraft 1.1 Mod [1.4.7]

Let's take a closer look. To, as they say, music was playing, you first need to be crafted piano itself. First in MusicCraft of 3-iron ingots you create three strings. Further, from coal and iron ingot craft Cast Iron. Then connect the 3rd string and 6 units of Cast Iron, to get the Cast Iron Plate. Thereafter take 3 gold bars and craft including 3 for piano pedals. And finally, we gather piano. Connect all the elements obtained with 5 oak planks. That's all, Minecraft instrument is ready! It remains to select an appropriate place in your home and create masterpieces.

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MusicCraft 1.1 Mod [1.4.7]
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MusicCraft 1.1 Mod [1.4.7]

MusicCraft 1.1 Mod [1.4.7]

Fans of the Minecraft universe, meet the new and exciting events – MusicCraft Mod for minecraft 1.4.7. This modification adds piano to the game. So you will have a chance to prove himself not only a designer, but also a composer.

How to install:

Download Minecraft Forge v6.6.0 for 1.4.7
Download MusicCraft 1.1 Mod [1.4.7]
Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation program Forge
Insert the downloaded file in the folder .minecraft/mods
Play and enjoy!

Download Mod: