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Optifine HD


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Optifine HD Editions
Opportunities Optifine for Minecraft:
- A significant increase in FPS in Minecraft and getting rid of lags and of the brakes.
- Built-in support HD textures for game.
- Setting soft lighting.
- Advanced setting OpenGL graphics in Minecraft.
- Settings should fog and view distance of the game world.
- Using blur textures at long distances.
- Improved and more real grass and weather effects.
- Control FPS, forced FPS limitation in the game.
- The deep setting of game graphics.
- Custom Animation textures and objects.
- Quickly switch between texture packs.
- The debugger for finding weaknesses in the game settings.
- Quick change of the time of day in a creative game mode.
- Automatic saving of all settings.
Optifine HD Mod
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Optifine HD Mod

Optifine HD Mod

Optifine HD - a special mod for Minecraft, thanks to which you will be able to do the optimization of the game. If you want to increase your FPS in Minecraft, then Optifine would be the best solution to the problem.

Thanks to Optifine you can optimize your Minecraft to the extent that play it will be different without slowdown even on the older and slower computers and for laptop users this mod is the best solution in any case.

In addition, Optifine needs in the event that you decide to install shaders for Minecraft or use the HD textures in the game. Optifine changes some system files, so you can not only customize the graphics of the game in extended mode, but also to establish texture increase the resolution, up to 1024×1024 pixels.

Download Mod:

For 1.5.2

OptiFine HD D5 Ultra: Download
OptiFine HD D5 Standard: Download
OptiFine HD D2 Light: Download

For 1.6.2

OptiFine HD C4 Ultra: Download
OptiFine HD C4 Standard: Download
OptiFine HD C4 Light: Download

For 1.6.4

OptiFine HD C8 Ultra: Download
OptiFine HD C8 Standard: Download
OptiFine HD C7 Light: Download
OptiFine HD + Forge + Shaders: Download

For 1.7.2

OptiFine HD C2 Ultra: Download
OptiFine HD C2 Standard: Download

For 1.7.4

OptiFine HD D1 Ultra: Download
OptiFine HD D1 Standard: Download
OptiFine HD C7 Light: Download

For 1.7.5

OptiFine HD D1 Ultra: Download

For 1.7.9

OptiFine HD D2 Ultra: Download

For 1.7.10

OptiFine HD A4 Ultra: Download
OptiFine HD A4 Standard: Download
OptiFine HD A4 Light: Download