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Terraria Online
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Terraria Online

Terraria Online

The Terraria Online is made in the traditional style of the pixel of the popular Minecraft game, which can now be played online on our website. At the very beginning of the game can choose their character’s appearance, as well as one of two game modes: single and multiplayer. To survive in the world of Terraria player to constantly produce new resources and create from them the necessary items. At nightfall, in the game there is a huge number of monsters, so you need to find a safe shelter in advance. The multiplayer mode is not available at the moment, however, there is generated a new world, which can also be explored.

How to Play:

W,A,S,D - movement.
E - open inventory.
1 to 8 - choice of subjects.
N - write on plate.
T - talk.
Space - lag free mouse click.
/ - commands.
L - toggle lag prevention.
C - open console.